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There are two levels of interdictions when it comes to THC, the main psychoactive component of Cannabis:

  1. If an individual has between 2 nanograms (ng) and 5 (ng) of THC per ml of blood.

  2. If and individual has more than 5 ng of THC per ml of blood.

Combining alcohol and cannabis.

It is dangerous to consume cannabis and alcohol simultaneously since they amplify each other’s effects. The prohibited concentrations of alcohol and cannabis, when they are combined, are of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood and 2.5ng or more of THC per ml of blood.

The police might require a mouth fluid sample if they have reasonable doubt that there are drug traces in the blood stream of an individual who is driving a vehicle.

The police can base this doubt on objective terms such as:

+ Redness of the eyes;

+ Muscle spasms;

+ Agitation;

+ Directional and spacial difficulty.

If a driver receives a positive result at a drug detection test through mouth fluids, this confirms drug traces in their blood stream. This may lead to an investigation and the police demanding a blood sample for further testing.

The police can also demand that the driver submit him(her)self to a normalized sobriety test on the scene or with a drug detection expert.


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