SOS Cannabis is a Law Firm specialized in reimbursement of fees linked to Medical Cannabis consumption prescribed by a medical professional at the CNESST, SAAQ, IVAC or RAMQ.

Your Doctor Prescribed Medical Cannabis?

The CNESST, SAAQ, IVAC, RAMQ* refuse to recognize your claim and reimburse you?

SOS Cannabis can help you.

Our service is FREE if your Medical Cannabis is not reimbursed.

Our services are available in the Province of Quebec for the present time. They will be available in other Canadian Provinces in the coming weeks.



How it works

3 simple and easy steps to submit your application online (max 4 to 6 minutes)


In order to prepare your case, please fill our online form. It will allow us to perform a primary analysis.


Fill out our questionnaire on your health condition.


Upload your medical cannabis prescription, your Health Canada authorization as well as your medical cannabis purchase invoices.


Discover what SOS Cannabis can do you for you!


Enjoy life to the limits! We will take care of getting your money back for your Medical Cannabis!


Our service can also help you find a Health Professional and a supplier that will fit your needs perfectly to ensure your health and happiness.


SOS Cannabis. The First in Canada 🇨🇦


Our virtual law firm is specialized in reimbursement of fees linked to Medical Cannabis consumption prescribed by a medical professional at the CNESST, SAAQ, IVAC or RAMQ*.



Our Work →

We take care of you, we keep you informed as we work on your case and we make sure that all the right steps are followed to achieve success.

The SOS Cannabis Engagement.

Representing yourself in front of Government Organisations is not a simple task. We take care of all the administrative and legal tasks. Multiple steps need to be followed and thorough follow-ups are required to ensure the adequate treatment of your request and appeals about the decisions that are taken.

SOS Cannabis takes care of you.


The SOS Cannabis Mission


SOS Cannabis is a Multi-Disciplinary Law Firm recently licensed by the Barreau du Québec. We have your well-being at heart. Our goal is to help people that use Medical Cannabis prescribed by a doctor and offer them the possibility of getting their money back by making claims to government organizations. SOS Cannabis will also direct you towards Medical Professionals and Medical Cannabis suppliers if that is what you require.

We have undeniable experience in dealing with administrative cases with the government.



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FREE service if we don’t win your Medical Cannabis Case! This is the SOS Cannabis Engagement!

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