The Best Medical Cannabis Licensed Producers

Over the last year we’ve seen a surge in Licensed Medical Cannabis producers. With the legalization of recreational use many great licensed producers have come out of the shadows and are now taking part in the booming industry. There are many licensed producers out there that we could talk about. To find one that fits with you and your needs, research is required. The best producers do stand out from the crowd of recent additions to the industry, but even then it is important to make sure that what that producer has to offer is in tune with what you need. It is important to know that in Quebec, if you receive a prescription for Medical Cannabis, the SQDC is not where you will fill this prescription. There are three ways of getting Medical Cannabis, either by signing up with Health Canada and getting a permit to grow it yourself, or, by once again going through Health Canada and receiving it from a licensed producer, or by having someone designated by Health Canada grow it for you. It is important to note that there are guidelines surrounding Medical Cannabis that must be followed by the letter.

Please read the following article published by the Government of Canada: